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Here is a selection of the feedback 

from past Jam of a Lifetime retreats


“As a professional musician, it’s been my life’s dream to perform with a group of world-class musicians, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all being “played by the One”. This is exactly what happened at The Jam of a Lifetime. … Then, there were those moments you just had to be there for − when the music was so seamless, powerful, and flowing that no words could express it. We could only smile, with a glint in our eyes silently saying: ‘yes − this is it. This is what we have lived for. This is why we have studied and spent thousands of hours honing our skills. It’s all been for this! We know in this moment we are the One. The One is playing through each one of us. And − it’s perfect.’” 
Read more about Steven's experience.


“I focused on the love I have for my wife, imagined holding her close, and this appeared in the vision as a light in my chest. The light grew and grew, and as it did so it transmuted the hell-like realms around me, and the colors of the visions became lighter and lighter – blacks, browns and dark hues transmuted into yellows, oranges, whites and greens. The love I was feeling in my chest expanded into an even more intense form, as I was shown my unborn child (my wife was 14 weeks pregnant at the time), as a baby girl in my arms. I sobbed out loud with love for this baby for what seemed like hours, and with my tears I was finally released from darkness into light. … At the end of Tuesday's journey, I called my wife and told her with complete assurance that we going to have a girl (A scan a month later confirmed that).”


“And the music blossomed into something victorious just as I let go, as if to confirm that the collective link was penetrating, enfolding, and upholding me. A deep sense of relaxation overtook me right away. I could feel all of my chronic muscle tension pouring out into the heated floor below me. With every breath I took in more of the radiance and released a bit more of my defensiveness and anxiety. I began silently weeping with relief. I hadn’t realized how much weight I’d been carrying.” 

Read more  in Teafearie's blog on Erowid.


“After celebrating many ceremonies with Shipibo Indians, Mestizo Shamans, Santo Daime, with friend, alone − it was the most light full ceremonies I ever took part in. ... It was the first time that music touched me so deeply that I had to cry − after playing music for almost 30 years!”  


“I have more energy, more compassion and love for people, I have more trust in myself and all that happens to me, I have much more trust in the powers that lay beyond my ordinary understanding (call it ‘the Gods in heaven’). I realized very strongly that ‘all is one’, there is in fact, in reality no separation whatsoever.”


“I wrote one song that sprang up during the experience, and another one that was largely inspired by the work. I used the experience in a theater project at my physical theater school, in a collective piece that drove several members of the audience to tears (both songs also found a place in there). The piece concerned dealing with love, loss and wounds from the past.”


“Seeing music not only as being beautiful and deep (which it is) but also as sort of a healing wave which can clean and purify you, in ways you never imagined.”


“The love I experienced and that stayed with me ever since.”

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