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Mark Waking Light

Founder of the Jam of a Lifetime

Creating spaces for music, spirit, and art to embrace
the true calling of the human heart

Helping people to

live their deepest truth

Mark is a ceremony retreat organizer who has over 25 years experience of working with sacred plant medicines as well as transpersonal trance. He has presented workshops and talks at Breaking Convention as well as World Ayahuasca Conference on navigating spiritual experiences, integrating psychedelics into secular culture, and weaving together poetry and music to guide meditation. Since 2012, he has been the founder and co-organizer of the Jam of a Lifetime sacred plant medicine retreat in the Netherlands. Bringing together amazing psychospiritual facilitators and incredible musicians from around the world, the Jam of a Lifetime provides a legal, safe, and supportive space for people from all walks of life to openly come together to take a powerful psychedelic with spiritual intent and partake in a life changing experience with the facilitators and musicians they love. Mark has also been a Kosmicare volunteer, supporting people undergoing difficult psychedelic experiences at Boom festival. A perpetual student of life, he has been exploring its mysteries from many directions: Sufi and Zen, Santo Daime and Bwiti, ecstatic dance and expressive voice, meditation and trance, tantra and nonduality, transpersonal psychology and shamanic techniques.

Making handles for ideas
so you can pick them up

With a PhD from the University of Cambridge, Mark is a designer, scientist, poet, and coach who loves to bring beautiful ideas to life. His professional background is in innovation strategy consultancy, focusing on business model design and product market fit. Helping to transform good ideas into great businesses for over 15 years, Mark has coached and advised over 100 tech entrepreneurs on building tech startups and bringing innovation to market. He has been engaged by his clients to advise on diverse technologies, from generative artificial intelligence and blockchain applications to news analytics and medical imaging. As a creative technologist, he also assisted professional artists in translating vision into reality, applying the latest technologies to the creation of their work. As a designer of television show formats, he worked on reinventing political debate for the social media generation by empowering online democracy to have a real world impact. As a medical data science consultant, his work has been helping senior management teams at pharmaceutical companies to understand which patients are most likely to benefit from new medicines in development. Currently, Mark has been advising facilitators, entrepreneurs, and scientists engaged in building the future of the psychedelic community.

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